Instructions to Authors
Scope and Criteria for Publication
Chemical Information and Computation Science Journal (CICSJ) is an international journal that publishes high quality, original articles reporting significant findings in broad aspects of chemo-informatics (CI), materials informatics (MI), and bioinformatics (BIC) related with chemistry: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical physics, food chemistry, environmental chemistry, metabolomics, and so on. CICSJ is the official journal of Division of Chemoinformatics, the Chemical Society of Japan, and as such welcome submissions from society members as well as non-members.

(1) Article Types
(A)Peer reviewed article
Regular Paper – a full-length research article containing new and significant findings that represent an incremental advance in the related field of chemoinformatics, materials informatics and bioinformatics.

Technical Paper ? a full-length research article including technical new idea, proposal or opinion including CI, MI, BIC.

Mini Review and Review – usually commissioned on an invitation basis, but we occasionally accept non-solicited reviews.

Tutorial Paper ? A tutorial paper provides novel and original insight, commentary and reflection on the use of one or several methods of modeling, design, or analysis including CI, MI, BIC.

Special Issue Article – submission is by invitation or through specific calls for papers. SIs feature a selection of reviews and primary research papers on trending topics. More details of past and upcoming issues.

(B) Non-reviewed article
Special Commentary ? A special commentary paper is planned by committee in Division of Chemoinformatics, The Chemical Society of Japan.
Current Opinion of Chemoinformatics? submission is welcomed by members in Division of Chemoinformatics, The Chemical Society of Japan.

(1) Policies
Peer review process
In peer review process of CICSJ, reviewers have an effort to revise submitted manuscripts in viewpoint of logical suitability of the scope of CICSJ instead of rejection of manuscripts.

Disclosures/Conflicts of Interest
Authors are required to disclose competing interests. A competing interest exists when a primary interest (such as the validity of research) might be influenced by a secondary interest (such as financial gain or personal rivalry). Details of how to disclose a conflict of interest can be found in the formatting requirements listed below.

If misconduct is discovered after a manuscript is accepted, the article will be retracted and a note to announce retraction will be published.

(2) Manuscript Preparation
A manuscript should be written by English or Japanese. Writing should be clear and simple, avoiding excessive use of the passive, and written in grammatically correct ‘international’ scientific English or Japanese. If the contents of a manuscript are potentially interesting but the paper is too difficult to understand due to poor writing, it may be rejected without review. A manuscript should be created by a style format obtained from XXX.
All manuscript files should be prepared in an editable file using an appropriate word processing package, and saved as .docx. PDF (.pdf) is not an acceptable file type. All figures and tables should be arranged in manuscript files. Please check previous particles reported in

(3) Submittion
All manuscript should be submitted via E-mail: (ここをどこにするか)

(4) Appeared in CICSJ
Manuscripts accepted after revision process are appeared in CICSJ in J-stage in a periodical that is published 4 issues per year.
(5) Editorial Board

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